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Major Christmas Confessions

Fall is over. The temperature has reached zero (sometimes even in minus). 'Netflix and Chill' without any guilt. Alarms all turned off because winter break has just started!

Winter is here (GOT fan, had to say that). And so are my confessions about Christmas celebrations in Germany as an outsider.

1) Christmas Markets open until 23rd Dec only

So here's a thing you should know about the way Christmas is celebrated in Germany. It's really a family affair! Everyone likes to be home at Christmas. EVERYONE. That includes people from supermarkets and Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Markets).

So, if you can't be with a family who can bake you some awesome cookies and watch Elf together, chances are you will go out like me. Little did I know, the entire city is shut down from 24th to 26th.

2) Gifts matter

Exchanging gifts can be awesome. And a nightmare if you forget to bring one!

You have got to be very well planned to purchase gifts in advance, because reminder: all shops are closed from Dec 24 to 26. Exchanging gifts is a tradition I like a lot. I managed to find a small shop opened on 24th. I bought some postcards of the beautiful city of Cologne and sent them to my family. Sure love matters more and gifts are just an expression of it, says a girl. ; )

3) It did not snow at Christmas : (

So far it has snowed only once in December in the countryside of Germany. And that too at 3 am. I woke up at 10 am as usual only to see the town of Kleve clad in almost-melted snow. Those are the days when you wish you didn't sleep last night. But it was not Christmas.

4) Major Christmas Food Coma

Thanks to my constant ramble on Instagram, someone invited me over for dinner on Christmas that evening. I finally had someone to exchange gifts in real and listen to all carols and share a laugh.

I was so stuffed when I got back home (that I hope doesn't show in the picture).

My Christmas wasn't the greatest this year. But now when I look back I was with the person I love and ate to my maximum capacity. What else could I ask for?

Funny how everything becomes a throwback right away.

Little Thing of the Month: Christmas feels

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