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Introducing my YouTube Channel - Chetna at CERN

Updated: May 23, 2022

The channel will share my love for fundamental science and experiences at CERN.

YouTube Channel Name: Chetna at CERN

The origin of my YouTube channel doesn't have an interesting story. It happened out of 3 weeks of boredom in the small town of Saint Genis Pouilly on the French-Swiss border, where I live as I work at CERN. The town mostly bustling with other students working at CERN all year long either at Charly's or Obrassuer — the only two legit bars the city has (quite enough, actually), has become a ghost town during the winter break.

Not traveling home (India) or anywhere this December was a cautious decision keeping in mind the pandemic situation. Though Christmas time is best spent with loved ones, this period of isolation led me to discover my love for all other things: books, writing, and cinema.

It also led to the birth of another much procrastinated project: venturing on YouTube.

"How did you get into to CERN?" "What did you study?" "What do you do at CERN?" "What do you like about CERN?"

And so on.

I have been blessed with a small following of many curious and inspired young minds who aspire to join CERN someday. Over the past few months of my time spent at CERN, I have received many questions about my journey and the Organization from students ranging from university, Ph.D. to even primary school. This interest has inspired me to start spending some time to give this love back in the most informative way with a touch of my personal humour and experience.

This channel is an attempt to share my experiences at CERN, and along the way guide those who aim to lead on similar interests and paths.

Below are some videos ready for your love and sharing.

CERN and Other Stories | Channel Intro

When Greeks and Indians Meet | Life Outside CERN | Annecy

Why is there a statue of Lord Shiva at CERN? Truth

I would love to hear from you to know what else would you like to see on this channel.


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