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What’s home really?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Home is where the…

It’s been almost three months since I picked up the pen. Well.. it’s been a much longer time since I actually used a pen to write, and not frantically with my MacBook's butterfly keyboard - of which some letters sometimes refuse to fly. The point is it’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog, and I guess you can tell that with the rambling.

At the end of this post, I hope to decipher what is a home really?

A home is.. whatever is a constant in life? For me, the most constant things in life are eggs in the kitchen and appointments to the dentist. But that doesn't make an appealing definition.

Maybe the other most constant and proximal thing to someone would be family. But that too comes with so many variables. Where does your family live? Where do your parents live? And what if, that place (or those places for split parents) is no longer the place where you grew up. I guess the tangibility of a home then changes from “where” to “who”. You could say, a “home” is where your mom lives. I would also like to say a home is where your dad lives, but one can only solve an equation with one variable at a time. But what if, the moms of the world are also reading this blog, and are on the look for what’s a home really?

I'm only one paragraph down and feel even farther away from deciphering what a home is.

Maybe a home is as simple as where you live. Now that definitely is not a constant.

Maybe a home is not where you live, but where your heart is. But what does that even mean? Isn't that why I'm writing this, and you're reading it?

Maybe the idea of a home is, well, overrated. Or maybe, it is not the idea of a home that is overrated but trying to decipher it in a few words. If only a 'home' was as simple as equal to a 'house'. In Hindi, I can't even think of two different words for the two. Do 'home' and 'house' have different words in your language? What does home mean to you?


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